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Soda Blasting in Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Yamba & Beyond

Got a job that needs a professional’s touch? We are your Soda Blasting specialists, we come to you. We service the Clarence Valley-Coffs Harbour and surrounding region including Yamba, Grafton and many other suburbs. Soda blast is a paint stripping and cleaning technology that uses compressed air to propel bicarbonate of soda into the area to be cleaned, without harming the surface. The bicarbonate of soda is non-toxic, water soluble and completely environmentally friendly. Soda Blasting leaves the surface like new ready to be painted, which we also do. Soda Blasting is the most effective way to remove Paint off any delicate surface without damaging the substrate. The Bicarb used is designed to be used with water so we can also tackle the tricky toxic or harmful paints (lead base) that need to be contained.

What we can use soda on as a blasting agent

Soda will not harm metal, ceramic, glass, wood or other surfaces, so it is also a popular way to clean anything from:

    • Mining and Heavy plant equipment
    • Automotive & Mechanical paint restoration
    • Fire/ Smoke Restoration
    • Marine Stripping
    • Graffitti Removal/public work
    • Timber Restoration
    • Masonry Restoration
    • Cleaning & Mould Removal
    • Paint removal from any surface safely
    • Concrete driveways, pathways & re-seal
    • Concrete Restoration
    • Lead removal
    • Stainless steel cleaning
    • Brick & Masonry cleaning
    • Statues/monuments
    • Mills/Sugar Refineries
    • Building and construction (Ideal for heritage restoration)
    • Boats, Cars, Bikes, Cranes you name it we blast it!
    • Crack testing for load bearing steel or anything that needs a gentle touch and a fast effective spotless result, you literally must see it to believe it.

It is a faster more efficient way to do crack testing as it will not disguise the already hard to find crack by filling it.

The revolutionary process of Soda cleaning, paint removing means we no longer require those nasty time consuming harmful cleaning chemicals, which are dangerous to our health and our environment. We will all be helping to save the planet by creating less need for chemicals. It’s the right step towards a chemical free environment, or just a really good finish… That is up to YOU!

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We will not only help you save money and time, it will get your expensive tools/parts/much loved pieces back to the place in which they are most valuable and useful to each individual need. The beauty at Appealing soda is we are also qualified and professional painters for all types of properties including residential, commercial and more. As a company our main purpose is to supply a friendly supportive service like no other. Our work speaks for itself with our dedication and commitment to our clients in any way possible, The preparation and the finish all in one place. Our dedication and passion to preparation is what brings the Appealing finish to your part. Book today by calling 0417 791 748 now.


Soda Blasting